Bike Fit

Several of our therapists have taken the training to perform bike fit assessments. The therapist can work with you to optimize your performance and comfort and accommodate or help to prevent injuries.

Having a bike fit assessment is helpful if you are looking to maximize your power, endurance and efficiency on your bike, whatever your level of riding. It can be used for triathletes, road or cross country mountain bikers.

During your bike fit, you will be taught how to address any issues you may have with your body or your equipment. Your therapist will help you to make any necessary changes to your saddle position and your pedals or shoes. We will also recommend changes to your bike that will help with injury prevention and performance optimization.

Janice Fraser and Kevin Frudd have taken special post graduate training to conduct professional bike fit assessments. In addition to performing bike fit, both these therapists are avid bikers and understand the practical considerations associated with biking on various types of terrain.

In addition to looking at your bike, your therapist will employ a comprehensive biomechanical approach in order to assess your body and any potential weaknesses which could lead to injury. Physiotherapists are experts in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries, orthopedic and spinal conditions so are well suited and uniquely qualified to perform these special assessments.

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