Motor Control and Retraining

Motor Control and Retraining

Motor control refers to the timing and control of the movement of your body. It is essential that your body choose appropriate strategies for the tasks that you are trying to perform. For example, if you are putting a cup in the cupboard, you don't want to use all the muscles in your back and shoulder to do this "low-load" task. However, if you were power lifting a heavy load in the Olympics, you would need to use almost every muscle in your body as this is a "high load" task. After injury, our bodies often compensate and may continue to use the wrong type of strategy even when the injured tissues have healed.

How well your body is able to adapt to different loads depends on many factors: your muscle strength, balance, sensation, and even how you are feeling about what you are doing. Pregnancy and delivery, injury, occupation, sport training and stress are examples of life experiences that can change the way your body develops and impact your motor control.

There is also evidence to suggest that poor motor control can also be the cause of injuries. A common example is a younger person whose knees fall in when they go down into a squat. Over time, these people may develop pain in their knees, or may suffer a variety of ligament injuries due to their faulty mechanics.

Our therapists will do a thorough assessment to determine if motor control may be a contributing factor in your injury. We will also check to see if your injury has caused you to compensate and use less than optimal strategies for movement that can lead to chronic pain and poor performance. If we identify a problem, we will teach you how to correct these patterns so you can improve your function and performance and decrease your pain.

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