Many people have heard of the Rotator Cuff (often mistakenly called the Rotator Cup).  Most know that it has something to do with the shoulder, but what is it??

The Rotator Cuff is composed of 4 small muscles in the shoulder. They are the deepest muscles of the shoulder and run from the shoulder blade (the “socket”) to the humeral head (the “ball”) of your shoulder joint. These muscles act to compress or pull the ball into the socket of your shoulder. When you move your arm around, lift objects, throw a ball, or reach for something, your Rotator Cuff promotes smooth ‘spinning’ of the humeral head within the shoulder joint. It prevents the ball from shifting around in the socket. When it is injured or torn, it can dramatically affect the use of your shoulder.

The functioning of your shoulder is quite an amazing thing. There are so many moving parts that all need to function together for pain-free motion. In Physics, the shoulder is referred to as a Lever. As an example, shoveling also incorporates the use of a Lever. In the shoulder, you can think of your top hand holding the shovel handle as the rotator cuff, and your bottom hand as your larger muscles used to lift your arm. If you let go with your top hand, the action of shoveling becomes impossible with more than the lightest of loads. Without a Rotator Cuff, lifting just the weight of your arm would be very difficult. 

If you are suffering from shoulder pain, it could be due to poor function of your Rotator Cuff. Physiotherapists are experts in the anatomy and mechanics of the shoulder joint. Book your assessment today with one of the therapists at Kamloops Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre to get you started on your road to recovery. 

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