Whether you’re running to get fit, or training for a goal, here are some tips to keep you going.

Get Assessed

Maybe you’ve tried running in the past and just wound up getting injured. Maybe you are struggling to increase your pace. Maybe you just hurt every time you run. 

Even if you don’t have problems, getting a physical assessment can benefit you by decreasing your risk of injury.

Whether you are having problems or not, it is a good idea to have someone assess your body to find out where you could use some improvements. Often we see runners struggle with classically weak muscles. Others can’t seem to stop themselves from getting into trouble with their achilles tendons or plantar fascia. Some people can’t run without their back getting sore. One of our physiotherapists can easily assess you to determine areas that could use improvement in flexibility, strength, or neuromuscular control. 

Choose appropriate footwear

If you are running in your Adidas Stan Smiths, this means you! Having dedicated running shoes is important. Don’t be surprised if you start running in your everyday shoes and you end up with problems. Footwear for running is developed specifically for different foot types. Having a knowledgeable person help you to select the right shoes for your body and type of running is important. If you have orthotics, bring them with you when you go to buy new shoes.

Start slowly!

Many people get into trouble with running simply because of training errors. There are many walk:run and ‘learn to run’ protocols available on the internet. Choose one that seems realistic and achievable for you, and stick with it. Chatting with your physiotherapist about this is also a good idea. 

Starting off with hill training, speed training, and long mileage runs will almost certainly land you in trouble. Build a strong base of cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance before attempting more intense training. 

Make it fun!

Training with a friend or group of friends is motivating and helps you stay on track. Consider joining a local running group, or run with a friend and motivate each other to keep going. Set a realistic goal with achievable timelines to avoid disappointment. Celebrate your accomplishments.

Whether you’re running to get fit, or training for a goal, click the link below for some stretches  and release techniques you may find useful to keep you going. If your tension or pain persists, please book an appointment to be assessed and get an individualized exercise program. 

To book an assessment with one of our therapists, call 250-314-0788, or book online HERE