Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain can result from many types of injuries. Sometimes the pain starts after a specific injury at work, a car accident or in a sporting activity. Other times pain comes on gradually due to maintenance of awkward postures, loss of strength, or arthritic changes. Sometimes no cause can be identified.

Back and neck pain can also be classified as acute, recurring, or chronic. Acute pain refers to pain that occurs suddenly and often has an identifiable cause. A classic example is the “lift and twist” injury to the low back where back pain occurs immediately following lifting a heavy load. Another example is waking with severe neck pain that limits your ability to turn your head. Recurring pain refers to pain that seemed to go away after the first occurrence, but then “keeps coming back.” This is common with injuries that have resulted in a change to your muscle function. Chronic pain varies significantly in severity – it can be a low level of pain that a person feels every day, or it can be very intense and cause disability. If pain persists for more than three months we usually refer to it as “chronic.”

At Kamloops Physiotherapy we will ask you detailed questions and perform a detailed physical examination in order to assess your problem. Once we have determined the cause of your pain and the type of pain you are experiencing we will discuss the possible treatment options with you and determine how to correct or manage your problem.

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