Our Team

Our Physiotherapists, Registered Massage Therapists, and Kinesiologist take pride in their work… and their play. Each Physiotherapist has earned a university degree and all have completed advanced post-graduate training. All of our physiotherapists are registered with the College of Physical Therapists of B.C.

Our Registered Massage Therapists have undergone rigorous training of at least 2 years in an educational program endorsed by the College of Massage Therapists of BC. Our Kinesiologist has obtained her Bachelors of Human Kinetics from UBC with a specialization in Clinical Exercise Physiology.

All of our therapists share a commitment to providing optimal care through comprehensive assessments and injury-specific treatments.  Each clinical staff member has specialized skills and a variety of outdoor and activity interests that allows every individual to find a match for their needs.


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John Howick

Registered Physiotherapist

John is a graduate of UBC where he obtained his physiotherapy degree in 1989. With over 30 years of private practice experience, John provides the vision and leadership that has allowed Kamloops Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre to become the largest private physiotherapy clinic in Kamloops. John balances his management role as owner of Kamloops Physiotherapy with a continued passion for providing optimal patient care to people with complex chronic pain and movement dysfunction.

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Kevin Frudd

Registered Physiotherapist

Kevin graduated from the University of Alberta in 2006 with a Master’s of Science Degree in Physical Therapy. He joined the staff at Kamloops Physiotherapy in 2007 and has been a key member of our team ever since. Kevin’s post-graduate education has included obtaining a Diploma of Advanced Manual Therapy, and Certification in Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS).  Kevin was raised and educated in Kamloops and was very active in soccer and basketball as a youth. Now outside of work, his main interests revolve around 2 wheels – road bikes, gravel bikes and mountain bikes! He tries to get as much time on his bikes as he can. Kevin has a particular interest in sports related injuries and enjoys working with people that share the active lifestyle so common in Kamloops.

Catherine Bolton

Registered Physiotherapist

Catherine was inspired to pursue a career in physiotherapy by her passion for sport and dance as a youth. She completed her Physiotherapy degree from the University of Alberta in 2004. Catherine welcomes the diversity of all types of patients and strives to ensure lasting relief from pain and dysfunction. She has an interest in treating necks, shoulders, dizziness, and chronic pain. Catherine has obtained advanced education and skills in Vestibular Rehabilitation, Manual Therapy, Trigger Point Dry Needling, Acupuncture, Concussion and Temporomandibular Dysfunction Management.

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Robert Wingert

Registered Physiotherapist

Robert graduated top of his class from the University of Western Ontario in 2006 with a Masters in Physiotherapy.  Robert’s career as a physiotherapist began in London, Ontario where he worked extensively with surgeons to treat surgical and non-surgical injuries involving the hip, knee and shoulder. He has obtained post graduate certification in Advanced Manual Therapy, Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) and Acupuncture. In 2018, Robert successfully completed the Hand Therapy Exam with the Hand Therapy Certification Commission. He is the only Certified Hand Therapist working in private practice within the Kamloops area. Robert has a special interest in working with complex knee and upper limb (shoulder, elbow and hand) injuries and he looks forward to working with you to achieve optimal recovery.

Amy Moffat

Registered Physiotherapist – Independent Contractor

Amy’s involvement with physiotherapy happened early on as a patient due to multiple visits for soccer related injuries. From this early exposure, she decided to pursue a career in physiotherapy with a special interest in injury prevention and rehabilitation so that all people could pursue their life passions free of injury. Amy completed her Masters of Physical Therapy degree from the University of British Columbia in 2012. She has since added to her skills with courses in manual therapy, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction and certification in Trigger Point Dry Needling and Anatomical Acupuncture. Amy is passionate about a holistic approach to rehabilitation and is interested in addressing the underlying causes, as well as the symptoms of a person’s injury. Amy has completed the Connect Therapy Series with Dr.LJ Lee to enhance her skills in assessing the whole body to find the root cause of your problem.

Jen Jones-Larsen

Registered Physiotherapist

Jen completed her Physical Therapy degree from the University of British Columbia in 2004. From 2008 until 2016 Jen worked at Sungod Physiotherapy in Ladner BC, a busy private practice with an excellent reputation in treating sports injuries. Jen joined the team at Kamloops Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre in 2016. She has combined her passion for sport physiotherapy with a strong dedication to post-graduate education and has earned her Diploma of Advanced Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Therapy, Certificate of Sport Physiotherapy and certification in Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) as well as training in Vestibular Rehabilitation, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, K-Taping and Connect Therapy. As one of the most experienced Sport Physiotherapists in Kamloops, Jen is a great asset to our clinic and community.

Kevin Stoll

Registered Physiotherapist

Kevin joined Kamloops Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre in 2018 and stands at the top of the Sports Physiotherapy community in Kamloops with his vast experience and knowledge of athletes and their injuries. He has obtained his Sports Physiotherapy Diploma and has extensive experience working with both amateur and professional athletes at all levels of sport, and has had the prestigious honor of working at the 2010 Olympics and 2003 Pan-American Games.  

Kevin has completed post graduate training in Orthopedic manual therapy, Mulligan techniques and is a certified GUNN Intramuscular Stimulation practitioner (CGIMS).  He is currently an instructor with Foundations Health Education, teaching IMS to other physiotherapists. Kevin also has training in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging. He has worked exclusively in private practice over his 25+ year career, and offers a vast amount of knowledge treating all types of injuries.

You will often find Kevin on the ski hill or the football field watching his sons train and compete. Kevin enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and getting outdoors whenever he can.

Katie Hajen

Registered Physiotherapist

Katie earned her Master’s in Physical Therapy from the University of British Columbia.  In addition to treating general orthopaedic conditions, she has a special interest in vestibular and concussion rehabilitation. Katie has completed post-graduate education which includes Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation and Current Concussion Evaluation and Treatment Approaches. Katie has earned her Functional Dry Needling certification and is pursuing her Diploma of Advanced Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Therapy.  She welcomes a wide variety of patients of all ages. Katie spends her weekends weight training, hiking with her dog, and scoping out hidden gems for off-grid camping.

Tim Schmidt

Registered Physiotherapist

Tim completed his Masters in Physical Therapy at UBC in 2019 and shortly after joined the team at Kamloops Physiotherapy. Prior to that, Tim completed his Bachelor of Science at Thompson Rivers University and a Masters in Experimental Medicine at UBC. Tim is interested in treating a wide variety of patients, and is pursuing further education in sports therapy and orthopedic manual therapy. He has completed the Dry Needling program through the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada. Tim’s treatment philosophy focuses on a holistic approach, empowering patients with the tools to help them get better and achieve their goals. Tim was raised in Kamloops, and in his free time, you can find him in the mountains, hiking, biking, or skiing.

Cameron Morrow

Registered Physiotherapist

Cameron graduated with a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta in 2020. After working in Calgary for over a year he decided that it was time to move back to his hometown and joined the team at Kamloops Physiotherapy. Cameron is currently furthering his education in orthopaedic manual therapy. He has also pursued education in climbing injuries and strength and conditioning. Cameron recently completed his training in Anatomical Neuropathic Intramuscular Stimulation (ANIMS) and finds the benefits of using IMS in his practice to be significant. Owing to his experiences as a university athlete and working with professionally trained athletes, Cameron utilizes a holistic full-body approach to rehabilitation and wellness. He combines an exercise-based approach with hands-on treatment methods to achieve the best outcomes for his patients. Cameron believes in engaging patients in their own recovery and enjoys working with those who are interested in improving their function and overall wellbeing. In addition to his previous experiences playing rugby, rowing and climbing, Cameron enjoys hiking, skiing, fishing, running, cycling and weight lifting.

Jessica Abt

Registered Physiotherapist

Jessica graduated with a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta in 2021. She prioritizes an individualized and client-centered approach to treatment. Jessica recently completed her training in Anatomical Neuropathic Intramuscular Stimulation (ANIMS). She is looking forward to using IMS in her practice to help her patients achieve their goals. Jessica is also pursuing additional training in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, and enjoys treating a variety of conditions. She enjoys helping her clients reach their recovery goals and return to meaningful activities. Outside of the clinic, Jess can be found mountain biking, snowboarding and weightlifting. As a newer resident of Kamloops, Jessica is looking forward to exploring all that Kamloops has to offer.

Jacob Coelho

Registered Physiotherapist

Jacob graduated with a Masters of Physiotherapy from the University of British Columbia in 2022. He has a keen interest in musculoskeletal and neurological injuries and is currently furthering his education in orthopaedic manual therapy. Down the road he hopes to pursue further education in concussion and vestibular physiotherapy. Jacob prides himself on integrating an evidence-informed multifaceted approach consisting of exercise-based therapy with hands-on treatment techniques for his patients. Jacob believes in creating a positive environment where his patients can work collaboratively with him to achieve their physiotherapy goals. In his time off, Jacob likes to spend time with his family and friends; while remaining active with hiking, hockey, skiing, weightlifting, and camping.

Domenic Mercuri

Registered Physiotherapist

Domenic was raised in Kamloops and completed his Bachelor of Science at Thompson Rivers University in 2018. He then completed his Master of Science in Physiotherapy at McMaster University in 2022. During university Domenic played Varsity Football for three years, sparking his interest in enhancing performance and treating physical ailments. As a physiotherapist, he works collaboratively with people of all ages and abilities. He uses multiple approaches to address pain and aid in recovery. Domenic also prioritizes spending the necessary time with his patients to help them understand what is going on in their bodies and help develop goals for their treatment.

Registered Massage Therapy

Lexis Rempel

Registered Massage Therapist

Lexis Rempel graduated from the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba (now re-named Evolve College of Massage Therapy) in 2007 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since graduating, Lexis has travelled from Manitoba to New Zealand to British Columbia, working in a variety of settings including physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathic clinics and spas. Lexis prefers being immersed in multidisciplinary clinics where a variety of therapists and practitioners can work together to optimize client care and to learn from each other. Their clinical focus has been varied, from treating sports, workplace and motor vehicle accident injuries, to addressing chronic pain due to disease and muscular and postural imbalance, as well as general health and wellness maintenance. 

Sasha Russell

Registered Massage Therapist

Sasha was born and raised in Kamloops, BC. She grew up playing organized sports and has always led an active lifestyle. Her passion for health and wellness is what led her to pursue a career in massage therapy. Sasha graduated from the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy, where she gained experience and knowledge treating a wide variety of injuries and conditions. A standard treatment with Sasha includes an interview and assessment to put together a treatment that is tailored to your needs, as well as a homecare routine involving both strengthening and stretching to meet your goals. She uses various techniques throughout treatment including general Swedish massage, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue, and incorporates both active and passive stretching into her treatments.


Sue Grono


Sue completed her Bachelors degree in Human Kinetics at UBC with a specialization in Clinical Exercise Physiology. Having witnessed first-hand the benefits that exercise can have in one’s life, Sue is continually inspired to help facilitate this change as a kinesiologist.  Prior to working as a kinesiologist Sue studied and taught yoga. This experience motivated her to begin a university program and further deepen her knowledge to better help individuals who are faced with injury and chronic conditions. Sue is passionate about individualized treatment, meeting each client at their current state to establish a plan to move forward. Regardless of the barrier or physical struggle, she helps her clients utilize exercise as treatment and empowers each individual to take control of their recovery path. In Sue’s spare time she loves to explore the trails with her dog, snowboard, hit the gym, and find a new recipe to master.


Former Staff Members

Janice Fraser was one of the longest-serving members at Kamloops Physiotherapy. We would like to thank Janice for her many years of service and professionalism. Janice continues to work as a physiotherapist at another practice within Kamloops.

Tim Wray worked at Kamloops Physiotherapy for over 6 years and we thank him for his physiotherapy service as well as his photographic and video skills that enhance this website. Tim continues to work as a physiotherapist at another practice within Kamloops.

John Machuga started his career in massage therapy with a year of service at Kamloops Physiotherapy. He continues to work as a massage therapist at another practice within Kamloops. We wish him success.