John Machuga

Registered Massage Therapist

John graduated from the Okanagan College of Massage Therapy in 2022. Upon graduation John sought out a multidisciplinary clinic as he believes in the value of working with other practitioners to improve the overall experience for clients. John is looking forward to helping people work towards their health goals. John uses Swedish massage, myofascial work and neuromuscular therapy. He is planning to continue to take courses to expand his knowledge base.

John grew up in Kelowna, BC in an active family spending lots of time hiking, skiing, and biking in the mountains of the Okanagan. As a teenager John competed in track and cross country running. His experience as an athlete led to coaching. While spending over 2 decades as a coach he saw the value in massage and in therapeutic exercise programs for athletes that were delivered through the integrated medical support teams. John witnessed and researched the benefits of massage treatments, and that sparked his interest in becoming a massage therapist to help athletes. When the opportunity to attend the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy arose, he decided to apply.

In his spare time John can be found running the trails in the mountains or coaching at the track.

Services Offered