Steve Gifford

Registered Physiotherapist

Steve has retired from Kamloops Physiotherapy in the fall of 2020.

We would like to take this time to acknowledge Steve’s almost 20 years of cheerful service and teamwork with Kamloops Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre. Thank you Steve for all you have given Kamloops Physiotherapy over the years including all the amazing woodwork projects you have done for us. Your patients have benefitted from your strong commitment to safety and continuing education. All of us at Kamloops Physiotherapy and your former patients miss you. Enjoy your time in the workshop and out on the links Snake!


Steve graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1996 with his Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. Steve then worked as a physiotherapist primarily in private practice in Kamloops and the Lower Mainland. Steve also had unique experiences working directly with injured workers onsite in industrial settings. Because Steve recognized the importance of always improving his skills he completed his Certificate of Intermediate Manual and Manipulative Therapy in 2006. Steve’s experience treating mill workers taught him the importance of fitness and muscle balance in injury prevention. He enjoyed treating acute and chronic injuries and used both manual skills and exercise programs to maximize injury recovery. Steve encouraged his patients to take an active role in treatment and stressed the critical role that posture and good body mechanics play in reducing injury recurrence. As an avid woodworker, Steve has to ‘practice what he preaches’. He maintains his own fitness while skiing (on water or snow) or playing golf on one of the many local courses.


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