Chronic Pain Management

When pain persists for months or even years it becomes more complex and harder to manage. Scientific knowledge of the reasons behind persistent pain has expanded greatly in recent years. The therapists at Kamloops Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre have up–to-date professional education, years of experience, multiple skills and the compassion and patience to assist you in better managing your persistent pain. Our detailed assessment, the varied treatment options we offer, education we can provide you and our team work with other health practitioners can help you move forward towards your goals.

Best practice in managing chronic pain utilizes multiple strategies including:

  • Careful and empathetic listening by the practitioner to allow person with chronic pain to fully relay the story of how the problem began, how it has progressed and how it is impacting their life
  • Thorough physical assessment to:
    • Rule out any serious medical issues
    • Determine factors contributing to the maintenance of the pain
  • A treatment plan that matches the person’s individual goals
  • Education on the neurophysiology of pain and how the nervous system can become hypersensitized leading to frequent flare-ups and decreasing function
  • Self-management strategies such as breathing, relaxation, muscle release, exercise and pacing
  • Manual therapy, acupuncture, dry needling and other treatments to improve mobility and manage symptoms allowing you to progress in your exercise program
  • Multi-disciplinary care to tackle all aspects of the “puzzle” that is contributing to the problem.

If you have chronic pain and want to progress to a better level of function and quality of life, Kamloops Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre has a lot to offer you.