Kamloops Physiotherapy offers Tele-Rehabilitation!

What is Tele-Rehabilitation (Tele-Rehab)?

  • It is virtual access to your Physiotherapist or Kinesiologist.
  • All you need is any computer, tablet/iPad or smartphone device that can be used for video chat such as Skype or Facetime
  • It is an easy and innovative way to assess and treat patients in need. Whether you are from an area where services are not available or you have health/mobility issues that do not allow you to come to the clinic, we are available to you.
  • A Tele-Rehab appointment may include assessment, instruction in self-treatment techniques, education on your injury/condition, exercises and exercise progression, monitoring and guiding you through the stages of injury and rehabilitation to the best of our ability.

Just call us at 250-314-0788 and we will take care of you!

To view our Tele-Rehabilitation Consent Form click here.

What to expect from your Tele-Rehabilitation session

We have put together a short video detailing what to expect from your tele-rehabilitation session. Please see below.

An interview with John Howick, Registered Physiotherapist, on Tele-Rehabilitation.

Kamloops Physiotherapy’s very own John Howick was recently interviewed by CBC Radio about the tele-rehabilitation system. Check out the interview below.