Kamloops Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre is pleased to offer Kinesiology services to our clients.

Simply put, Kinesiology is the study of human movement. Kinesiologists have obtained a 4-year university degree and are well-suited to help individuals meet their functional, performance, and lifestyle goals. They work one to one with individuals to develop a personal exercise plan specifically tailored to their fitness level, physical limitations, and goals.  Our Kinesiologist is trained to work with clients in a rehabilitation setting, but is also capable of developing programs for athletes of all levels. Individuals attend our 45-minute one to one Kinesiology sessions for a variety of reasons that may include, injury rehabilitation and prevention, pain and chronic disease management, strength and athletic training, and education.

During your first visit with our Kinesiologist, they will take your history and discuss the reason for your visit. They will then perform a full assessment, looking at things like range of motion, flexibility, strength, and function. The results of their assessment will then be discussed with you, and the Kinesiologist will begin treatment with you. Treatment will involve exercises aimed at targeting the issues identified during the assessment, and you will likely be provided with exercises to perform at home.

Our Kinesiologist offers Active Rehabilitation Programs (ARP) for those individuals who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident and have an active ICBC claim. Individuals are no longer required to obtain a doctor’s referral to access Kinesiology services in the first 12 weeks following their accident.

There is no user fee for the 45-minute, one to one Kinesiology appointment for those clients with ICBC approval.

Whether you are looking to get in shape, reach a personal goal, lose weight, or compete in an event, our Kinesiologist can help. In partnership with you, the Kinesiologist will come up with a plan to best suit your goals. A 45-minute, one to one Kinesiology appointment can be booked online, or by calling our clinic at (250) 314-0788.