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Headache Management

There are many types of headaches and seeking relief from headaches is a very common reason to visit a physiotherapist or massage therapist. A thorough assessment is needed to determine the type of headache and the best management approach. This assessment also helps determine if referral to a doctor is needed for things like medical tests or medications. Many headaches are caused or aggravated by joint problems in the neck or jaw, muscle tension in the neck, shoulder blades or face, muscle weakness or imbalance and poor posture. After considering your history and physical signs, if your headaches appear to be related to some of these issues your therapist will discuss a treatment plan with you and will prescribe a specific program tailored to your needs.

Should I use Ice or Heat?

This a very common question and like many things to do with the human body there are some simple answers that suffice in most cases but some complexity if you dig a bit deeper. Ice can numb small nerve endings and relieve pain. It may also decrease the small amount of...